What is Playdowns.com

If you are at all like me, you’ve found it hard to find one website for all of your curling news stories. So, I thought I’d set up a website to share links to all of the stories I find. The new front-end powered by WordPress allows me to quickly post stories, promote events taking place on the website and give my less-than-expert opinion about the sport when I wish. Vistors can also leave comments for each story that is submitted.


Playdowns.com launched in December 2004. Curl BC, the governing body for curling in the province of British Columbia, wanted to be able to manage all of their playdown results in one location on the web. Previously, some events were covered by regional organizations or by individual curling clubs across the province. It had become necessary to have all the events covered on one website with an easy to use, browser based system.

After completing the redesign of Curl BC’s website, Hurricane Web Publishing spent two months programming and designing Playdowns.com. As a test, the December 2004 Pacific Coast Bonspiel was the first event covered on the new website. This event was a great success and subsequently Curl BC chose to use Playdowns.com for all of their events.

Since that time, all of Curl BC’s playdown events have been covered on Playdowns.com resulting in a historical reference for all events dating back to December 2004. The site has become very popular in this short period of time. For the year 2008, Playdowns.com had over 165,000 visits and over 1 million page views.

Playdowns.com is available to any province in Canada or any organization in the world. The site has covered more than just Curl BC events including the 2008 Canadian Masters Curling Championship (the first national event covered on Playdowns.com), the British Columbia Hobbs-McAllister Masters Curling Association, the 2009 Canadian Legion Dominion Curling Championship and a number of cash bonspiels.

How the playdown results work

Each curling club that hosts a playdown event or bonspiel can log into Playdowns.com through their browser (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer). Anyone with basic knowledge of how to navigate a web page can easily manage the following:

  • Line scores
  • Bonspiel draws
  • Sponsors
  • Team Information
  • Draw Times
  • Standings
  • News Flashes

A manual is provided via email that includes all information needed to use the website.

Hosting your event or playdown

With Playdowns.com, there is no need to create a new website for each event taking place in your province or club – saving you time and money. Visitors can navigate the site easily and find the results quickly. All events that take place are archived on the site so that there is a complete history of every game and every event. This way there is a reference for curlers, fans and media to have one source for current and past events.

Playdowns.com is available to host your bonspiel, cash spiel, playdown or all playdowns for your organization. For more information, visit the Contact Us page and email us any questions you may have.