Curl BC revises rule on commitment to play

By Rebecca Connop Price

Curl BC would like to make teams entering playdowns aware of a new rule change.

In the 2015-16 season, rules were changed that allowed curlers of any age to play in the men’s and women’s championships at the national level. This led Curl BC to make the same changes at the provincial level so that people of any age could enter men’s and women’s playdowns. At the same time, we asked players to signal their commitment to play at the succeeding level of play in the categories they entered.

While Curl BC continues to believe that athletes should never enter playdowns if they believe they have another commitment during the next level of play or they have no intention of progressing to the next level, we do understand that there are a few situations where a team will enter an event with the best of intentions but are aware of a potential conflict.

For example, a few junior teams in BC have been considering entering this season’s men’s playdowns for developmental purposes, but, because of limited wording of a rule, wouldn’t have been able to do so due to a conflict between the Brier and World Juniors in the first week of March.

For that reason, Curl BC decided to revise its rule as follows:

“Rule 5. (b) By submitting an entry to a Curl BC playdown, each of the four players on the team is signifying his/her commitment, if successful, to continue to compete at each succeeding level of playdowns (regional, provincial, national).
(i) In extreme circumstances or for developmental purposes for Under 21 players, a request can be made to the Curl BC CEO (or designate), PRIOR to the start of each event.
(ii) If for developmental purposes, the U21 players must make continuing to the next level of U21 their priority. If a winning U21 team is unable to continue to the next level of the Men’s or Women’s, then Rule 5 (c) regarding the selection of a replacement team comes into effect.”

As part of the request, teams are asked to submit the developmental rationale for the request along with the team’s competitive schedule for the year. These requests can be made in writing to

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