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British Columbia » 2009-2010 » Masters Men's Provincials

  • Dates: Thu, March 4 to Sun, March 7, 2010
  • Host Club: Grand Forks Curling Club
  • Location: Grand Forks, BC
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Scores by Draw

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Posted: Sunday, March 7th, 2010

There were some tough games throughout the week, but the Kelowna foursome of Garry Gelowitz, Roy Giles, Dennis Case & Fred Trussell finished on top with a win over the Kimura rink from Vernon.

It did indeed come down to last rock as Kimura needed a freeze to close out the scoring area for Gelowitz, but the draw went wide and settled into second shot with two other reds (Gelowitz) in the house. Simply put, a heater was thrown from Gelowitz and the lone blue (Kimura) went sailing, and a Provincial championship had been won.

This is the first BC Masters Men's Provincial championship for both Garry Gelowitz & Dennis Case. However, Roy Giles & Fred Trussell both have two prior championships under their belts from 2005 & 2006. The two of them reached the 2005 Canadian final, and came back in '06 to take the title.


Congratulations to you; Garry, Roy, Dennis & Fred! Good luck in St. John!


Posted: Sunday, March 7th, 2010

It's going to be an all-Okanagan final here in Grand Forks for the 2010 BC Masters Men's Provincials.

The Gelowitz rink of Kelowna stormed past The Will rink from Sparwood with a final score of 9-3. Gelowitz took no prisoners with a deuce in the first, and four in the third to take a commanding lead. The Kootenay foursome conceded defeat in the sixth end.

Blake Kimura skipped his Vernon-based team to a Semi-Final win today against the Gallaugher rink from the Island. The game was closer than the score would indicate, although Kimura was able to run the Duncan team out of rocks in the final end. Gallaugher had come off of a win the night before in an extra-end win over Bernie Sparkes of Chilliwack due to Tie-Breaker circumstances.

In a couple short hours here we'll have the final game:


GELOWITZ (Kelowna) vs KIMURA (Vernon)


Good luck to both teams!


Posted: Saturday, March 6th, 2010

It had to go to extra ends for Bob Gallaugher of Duncan to defeat 12-time Brier participant Bernie Sparkes.

Sparkes, from the Chilliwack Curling Club, had a draw to the pin to steal the game. He came up short and Gallaugher need not throw his last stone.

The Gallaugher rink will now advance to the Semi-Finals tomorrow morning at 9:30am against the Kimura rink from Vernon.


I also would like to apologize for the late update.


Posted: Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Three teams have advanced to the Semi-Finals and we have our first and only tie-breaker in Masters Men's play.

Our first game for "Pool A" saw the Blake Kimura rink of Vernon defeat the Seiji Mukuyama rink of Richmond 8-4 after running them out of rocks in the final end. The other half of the Pool saw the Ralph Will of Sparwood run the Rick Dunn of Qualicum out of rocks in the final end as well.

And just as with Women's play... "Pool B" proved to be a little more complicating. Our first winner was on sheet 4, where the Bob Gallaugher rick of Duncan defeat the winless Clarence Wigmore rink of Prince George 6-4 when Wigmore was light and over curled on a runback attempt. Two sheets over was an even closer game between the Garry Gelowitz rink of Kelowna and the Bernie Sparkes rink of Chilliwack. With his last rock in the final end, Sparkes drew half buried behind his own (blue) guard, leaving the soft tap for Gelowitz to collect two points and the win. The Kelowna skip did so without fail and defeated the undefeated.

This win caused a change in our schedule... it caused a three-way tie for first in "Pool B", with the Gelowitz, Gallaugher and Sparkes rinks tied for first, all with 2-1 records. Due to Skill Test rankings, the recent winner, Gelowitz, just happened to claim the first qualifying spot and indeed moves on to the Semi-Finals tomorrow at 9:30am. The other two rinks will be battling it out shortly (4:00pm) to see who claims the last spot.

So we have this lined-up for you so far:

Tie-Breaker: GALLAUGHER (Duncan) vs SPARKES (Chilliwack)


GELOWITZ (Kelowna) vs WILL (Sparwood)

KIMURA (Vernon) vs (winner of Tie-Breaker)


Good luck to those in the Tie-breaker, and who have already qualified for the Semi-Finals!

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Event Team
BC Gelowitz


Team W L
Gelowitz 2 1
Gallaugher 2 1
Will 2 1
Sparkes 2 1
Kimura 2 1
Mukuyama 1 2
Dunn 1 2
Wigmore 0 3