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British Columbia » 2012-2013 » Mixed BC Mixed Doubles

  • Dates: Fri, February 1 to Sun, February 3, 2013
  • Host Club: North Shore Winter Club
  • Location: North Vancouver, BC
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Scores by Draw

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Down to the Finals

Posted: Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Everyone got up on time and the semis started at 10 am precisely.  Caution was the name of the game as there were no high scoring ends. 

Team Freeman and Team Miller/Blumke took it right to the wire in the 8th with blue (Freeman) sitting 4 nestled rocks hovering around the button and yellow (Miller/Blumke) with an annoying biter at the back of the 2 foot.  Ed Blumke had a mission impossible to win the game with his last rock with the ardous task of having to make those blue rocks magically disappear.  He came out of the hack on target and with just the perfect weight (not too hot, not too cold) and nicely picked out 3 of the offending blues to win the game.  The interesting part of this story is Ed didn't think he had won and went off the ice, congratulated Team Freeman and was getting packed up to go home, when his playing partner Kerry Miller advised him they had won!  Needless to say, it was quite an emotional few minutes with the realization hitting Ed.  He has never particiated in a provincial championship and said he entered so he would have bragging rights with his friends back East.  He certainly can do that now with getting into the finals! 

Meanwhile, over on sheet 6, Team Daniels and Team Hawes/Tardi are working dilegently to finish their game with Team Daniels leading 6 to 3 in the 7th; Team Hawes/Tardi take a big 3 in 8 to tie the game and force the extra end.  Off we go into 9 with Team Hawes/Tardi managing to steal the end and claim the victory.

Finals are set to start at 1 pm on Sheet 3 - let's see what interesting stories spin out of this game.


Your scribe, Liz


And so to Sunday

Posted: Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Four teams can sleep in tomorrow and four teams will answer the call.  In tight games on all 4 sheets, two games going into extra ends - Jepsen/Houston vs Miller/Bumke finishing their 8th end before anyone else but tied, they moved on to the 9th end, 2 time outs by each team and confusion about rocks sent this end close to a time call, then, unfortunately, when Marnie threw her last rock it picked and sat down before it passed the hogline, so Miller/Bumke move onto Sunday.

Over on sheet E Daniels and Dezura battled it out with interesting ends, some great shots and ending with a tie 8 ends, so onward to 9 - with Sarah making a great tap takeout and roll behind cover that Team Dezura just couldn't excavate no matter what creative shots they tried - so Daniels advances to Sunday as well.

Team Hawes/Tardi against Briston/Hall had to climb their way back from a 0-4 deficit after the first end.  They managed 2 in the second, held their oppostion to 1 in the 3rd, then worked away until the 8th when they had 2 for sure with a measure to determine the winner and came up with the win.

Team Campbell/Habkirk vs Freeman was a rocky game with Freeman securing a 5-1 lead after 4 ends and this time our young Kyle must have left his bag of tricks in his locker as he didn't do his usual come back.  Playing to the 8th end, they ran out of rocks as they were down 5, shook hands and Team Freeman will need to set their alarm early.

So here we go to Sunday with a Junior team (Hawes/Tardi), a Father/Daughter (Daniels/Daniels) team and two seasoned teams (that being adult!).

Your scribe has had a long day watching 4 draws, so will head home to be back early tomorrow.  Who needs Super Bowl when we have great curling happening?

Liz Goldenberg





Quarter Finals gets late start

Posted: Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Due to the Tiebreakers, the finals will start at 9:00 pm with Miller/Bumke facing off against Jepsen/Houston after Jepsen/Houston polished off Richards in the tiebreaker with a 9-5 victory; Briston/Hall squeaked past Team Hanni 9-8 to take on Hawes/Tardi in the QF, Daniels vs Dezura was decided earlier as well as Campebell/Habkirk wsquaring off against Team Freeman.

The winners of Game 1 (Daniels/Dezura match) will meet the winners of Game 4 (Hawes/Tardi vs Briston/Hall) and the winners of Game 2 (Miller/Bumke vs Jepsen/Houston) will meet in the other semi final set to go at 10 am.

For teams Jepsen/Houston and Briston/Hall this is their fourth game of the day - the salvation being throwing only 5 rocks and playing 8 ends vs traditional game play.  Hmmmm..that's still 20 rocks plus 4 practices, so that's 40 rocks and all that running and sweeping - maybe it's not a salvation!

Back to you after the quarters  - should be lively!


Liz Goldenberg

After the round robin

Posted: Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

What an eventful round robin we did have.  2 6-enders were scored; one by team Miller in Draw 1 against Team Hall (who bounced back with a 5 ender and went on to win the game by 1) and the other by Team Daniels - Ernie and daughter Sarah - in Draw 2 against Team LeBlanc/Zale.

After the dust settled on completion of Draw 3: 

Pool A - 1st Place Team Daniels; 2nd Place Team Freeman

Pool B - 3-way tie Team Hanni, Team Miller/Blumke and Team Briston/Hall - tiebreaker at 6:30pm between  Team Hanni and Briston/Hall

Pool C - 3-way tie Team Richard/Girard; Team Hawes/Tardi and Team Jepson/Houston - tiebreaker at 6:30 pm Jepson/Houston and Richard/Gerard

Pool D - 1st place Team Campbell/Habkirk; 2nd Place Team Dezura/Dezura

The curlers are certainly getting their money's worth!

This has been a great first event with lots of crazy shots and results (2 6 enders!), lots of laughs and lots of memories to take home.

Stay tuned for the TB's

Liz Goldenberg

Director of Curling - NSWC


BC Mixed Doubles Underway at NSWC

Posted: Friday, February 1st, 2013

The inagural BC Mixed Doubles got underway today at the North Shore Winter Club.  Teams had 10 minutes to test drive the ice then both players drew for their team ranking.  The #1 team had a combined ranking of 19.4cm  - with first stone thrown measuring just 24.0cm from the button and second player's rock a mere 4.5cm from the button.  The 2nd team had a combined score of 120cm.

Teams then practiced on the 3 sheets they would be playing on during the round robin, then the games launched at 7:30 pm.

Team Miller from Mission Curling Club exploded in the first end scoring a 6-ender (which is the same as scoring an 8 ender in regulation curling!), but Team Hall returned the volley with a 5-ender and so the game went back and forth through 8 ends with the score tied after 8 ends.  An extra end was played resulting in a measure being called to determine who would walk away with the game.  Team Hall managed to outdistance their opposition by a fraction and claimed the victory.

We have an amazing mix of participants in this first championship with Diane Dezura (yes, that would be the world champion of 2000 and Olympic Medalist 2002) pairing up with husband Glen.  Neil Houston of 1988 Olympic fame and World Cup Event Coordinator, is throwing rocks with Marnie Jepson, VP of Curl BC.  Our youngest curler, Sarah Daniels, is teamed up with her dad, Ernie Daniels - great coach and great competitive curler.

We're having lots of fun at this launch of Mixed Doubles in BC, so come on down and join in the fun!


Liz Goldenberg

Director of Curling, NSWC

Draw Brackets

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